What is Blue Light Therapy and How Does it Benefit Your Skin?

For those who are prone to acne or experiencing damage from harmful UV rays, finding an effective skin care treatment can often feel like a lost cause. The market is saturated with over-the-counter medications — many of which are ineffective and can potentially worsen your symptoms.

Photodynamic therapy — or blue light therapy — is an effective, non-invasive method used to treat sun-damaged skin, precancerous and cancerous lesions, scarring, and acne. With just a few sessions, your skin’s appearance can improve dramatically.

What is Blue Light Therapy?

LED light therapy was developed to help heal wounds and scars following surgical procedures. Blue light therapy is a type of LED light treatment that works best on acne-prone and sun-damaged skin. Prior to treatment, your doctor or skincare professional will determine if you need to apply a topical medication before beginning this LED light therapy. If so, the topical medication will help make the treatment more effective.

A blue light therapy session can last between 15 and 90 minutes, depending on the severity of your condition. For smaller, highly targeted treatment areas, a session typically lasts about 17 minutes.

What are the Benefits of Blue Light Therapy?

Skin care treatments like blue light therapy are highly effective in reducing acne breakouts and inflammation. In fact, a study of acne patients who received this therapy twice a week over a period of five weeks showed that acne lesions were reduced by 64 percent. Light therapy can also be used to treat precancerous and cancerous lesions, as well as seasonal affective disorder.

Unlike some other treatment methods, LED light therapy leaves little to no scarring and has zero recovery time for patients. Treatment is conducted as an outpatient procedure and the cost of blue light therapy is often significantly lower compared to other skin cancer treatment methods.

While there are far more benefits than disadvantages to photodynamic therapy, it should be noted that the topical medication applied prior to treatment can increase light sensitivity in some patients. Those receiving treatment may be asked to stay out of direct sunlight until the effects of the medication have worn off and light sensitivity has been restored to normal levels. The treated area may also become red, scaly, and crusted for up to four weeks following treatment; however, this typically heals on its own and leaves little to no scarring for the patient.

How Often Do You Need Blue Light Therapy?

Depending on what is being treated and the severity of your condition, patients are advised to schedule regular follow-ups at varying intervals. In general, patients can follow the guidelines below:

  • Precancerous Lesions: One to four treatments with annual follow-up appointments
  • Acne Lesions: Four to six treatments with follow-up appointments every six months

For treatment of cancerous lesions or seasonal affective disorder, consult with your doctor about a blue light therapy treatment plan that works best for you.

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