Is Blue Light Therapy an Effective Acne Treatment?

How does blue light treatment treat acne?

Acne is best known as being a problem for pubescent teens whose hormones are out of control, but the truth is that many adults are stricken with it, too. Several different types of acne therapies exist with a wide variety of results. One therapy that has been gaining in popularity in recent years is the use of blue light treatment.

When you have mild or moderate acne, this alternative treatment method can be utilized quickly once you’ve met with a dermatologist. To get you up to speed and determine if this would be the right treatment for you, we’re going to look at some basic facts about acne and blue light therapy, and then discuss this particular treatment’s effectiveness.

Frequency of Acne Problems

Acne has afflicted millions of people over the years. Although it was once thought certain foods, such as chocolate, caused acne, the truth is that hormonal changes and similar factors are the real cause. At any given time, there are 50 million people in the United States suffering from acne that ranges from mild problems to moderate issues. This is why so many therapies, including blue light treatment, have been developed.

Importance of Acne Treatment

While most people probably view acne as little more than an annoyance just before a big date, the truth is that if left untreated, even a mild or moderate case of acne can cause lifetime scarring. Due to this potential for disfigurement, acne often results in emotional distress, depression, and other mental health issues. People suffering from acne lack confidence and often have social anxiety due to their appearance.

How Blue Light Treatment Works

The blue light emitted from the treatment device provides an anti-microbial effect that eradicates several variations of bacteria that collect inside the pores and oil glands of your skin, eliminating the cause of the problem. This process of phototherapy has become increasingly popular with dermatologists as an alternative acne treatment, in part because the light used isn’t ultraviolet, which means that it doesn’t have the same risks of skin damage and radiation exposure.

Effectiveness of Blue Light Treatment

Since the FDA first approved the use of LED light therapy for acne, blue light treatment has increased in prevalence for use as an effective option against mild to severe acne. Individual results will vary, but it has been shown that nearly 80% of patients receive a positive result from this type of therapy. As for who makes a good candidate, blue light treatment is most effective for those who have mild to moderate acne.

What to Expect from a Session

Once your dermatologist has determined that you’re a good candidate for blue light treatment, you will be provided with instructions on how to prepare, such as avoiding certain skincare products that thin your skin, tanning beds, and unprotected sun exposure. The blue light therapy session will take 15-30 minutes and your skin will be sensitive afterward. You’ll need to be vigilant about wearing sunscreen to ensure proper healing.

Possible Side Effects of Treatment

Blue light treatment is a fantastic way to get rid of acne and there are very few side effects. The most common include redness, bruising, skin peeling, and mild pain or irritation. After the treatment is completed, you’ll be instructed as to how to care for the skin for a period of time to help reduce the risk of certain issues to help ensure that your skin is the very best that it can be.

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