Facial in Clearwater

Clearwater Facial Services

Sun, wind, dirt, sweat, and even your makeup can affect the health of your skin. Beautiful Skin provides effective facials in Clearwater to help keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Our skin care treatments aim to recover and renew, while also protecting your skin, so that you can enjoy the full benefits that facial massage and facial treatments can provide.

In addition to professional, luxurious facials, we happily offer waxing services, skinceuticals products, and light therapy.

If you’re looking for the perfect facial in Clearwater, look no further—reach Beautiful Skin by calling (727) 791-6500.

What is a Facial?

While a facial service can be as simple as cleansing and steaming, at Beautiful Skin, we offer exclusive and comprehensive facial services to ensure that our client’s unique skin care needs are met. Our facials help you enjoy healthier, more beautiful skin and can include a diverse range of science-backed and proven techniques for better skin.

Our facials in Clearwater can include:

  • Cleansing – Deep facial cleansing wipes away makeup, oil, sweat, dirt, and any other irritants so we have a clean, healthy slate to start off your facial service.
  • Exfoliation – A chemical or physical exfoliant is then used to remove dead skin cells, improving skin health and aiding in blood circulation for a glowing look, minimizing discoloration, fading age spots, reducing redness, and more.
  • Steam – Steam relaxes the skin and opens your pores, as well as improves blood flow.
  • Extractions – Blackheads and whiteheads should be removed carefully by a trained professional. Our extraction process makes the experience painless and simple.
  • Creams and Masks – Our selection of creams, masks, and chemical peels are specifically chosen according to the skin type and needs of our clients.
  • Massage – A facial massage helps the muscles relax, lifts and firms the skin, and encourages blood circulation.

Whether your goal is to reduce signs of aging or blemishes, or if you simply want to keep your skin healthy and happy, Beautiful Skin can provide exactly what your skin needs with our facial services and other skin care solutions.

Our Facials

For those seeking a facial in Clearwater, we offer a wide range of customized skin care treatments. Each of our facial services are suited to address what your skin type needs in order to be healthy and look beautiful!

Beautiful Skin’s Signature Facial

Our signature facial begins with a thorough examination and analysis. By understanding your skin, and any challenges you are currently facing with it, we can hand-craft a facial experience that will provide you with truly healthy skin.

The Acne Facial

For those dealing with stubborn inflamed and non-inflamed acne, our acne facial services in Clearwater are the ideal solution. Our acne facial includes exfoliation, extraction, and blemish treatments. We also use cutting-edge, high-frequency treatment to improve oxygen flow and purify the skin, while also inhibiting bacteria that commonly leads to the development of blackheads.

The Mini Facial

For those with limited time but are still looking to be pampered, our mini facial is a perfect choice! Our mini facial leaves you refreshed and renewed while keeping you on schedule for the rest of your day.

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Repair, restore, and recover—these are our three goals for each and every client. We want you to look and feel as radiant as you are, and a facial in Clearwater with Beautiful Skin is the first step. Whether you’ve been with us before, or you’re new to our location, our professionals and licensed estheticians are happy to be of service!

Schedule a facial in Clearwater today by calling Beautiful Skin at (727) 791-6500!