Eye Catching Homecoming Makeup Ideas

Have you started preparing for your homecoming dance? You have picked out the perfect dress to wear, but what about your makeup for the night? Your makeup can make or break your whole look, but be sure to have some fun with it! Just try not to go overboard! Here are some homecoming makeup ideas that you will be sure to love.

Before applying your makeup, you always want to start with a fresh, clean face. It is essential to keep your skin free of oil and dirt to prevent blemishes and give your makeup a flawless look, rather than caking it on to cover up these preventable issues. Now that we have covered some basic skin preparation, on to the homecoming makeup!

Cat Eyes

The cat eye look is very trendy and one of the best homecoming makeup ideas if you plan to let your dress steal the show. It is a simple, yet elegant evening look. For this look, you are using makeup to accentuate your natural beauty. It all starts with a foundation base. After that, add some dark eyeliner to the top lids and allow the liner to wing out a little past the eyes. Lastly, shapen your eyebrows, add a bold or subtle lip, and maximize your lashes with mascara. Skip the eyeshadow for this one.

Princess of the Dance

Think pink for this homecoming makeup idea. For this look, you will want to apply a pink shade of lipstick and your choice of pink, soft purple, or light blue eyeshadow. It all depends on your dress color of course! For those more adventurous princesses, a blue or purple eyeliner paired with a silver eyeshadow will give you a look of royalty.

Bright Accents

If you’re a feeling a little edgy with your homecoming makeup ideas, try out some of the neon-colored makeup products. Go bold and choose eyeliner or lipstick that are complementary colors to the color of your dress. For example, if your dress is blue, wear some neon yellow eyeliner for an extra bang!

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