How to Improve Your Winter Skin Care Routine
Maintain your skin’s healthy and glowing appearance throughout winter by improving your Clearwater skin care routine.

Winter has arrived, even here in Florida. This is the time of year when skin gets dry, sometimes to the point that it cracks or even bleeds. If you do not have a winter specific skin care routine or have not updated yours since the summertime, it is time to make a change. Clearwater typically has fairly warm winters, however, this December and January have been incredibly cold. The humidity also decreases in the winter months, making your skin that much more susceptible to drying and cracking. Make a few small adjustments to your Clearwater skin care routine and protect your skin from the cold.

Take Lukewarm Showers

The cold temperatures make it quite tempting to take a lengthy, hot shower, but don’t do it! A long, hot shower strips the natural oils from the skin, causing it to become excessively dry. Showering with warm water will instead help your body retain these important oils and keep your skin vibrant and glowing.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Even if you add lotion to your daily routine, the cold, dry winter air can extract that moisture. Moisturizers are essential in the colder months, but can still only do so much. It is important to use clothing, scarves, cotton gloves to trap in as much of that moisture as you can.

Even in the Winter, Exfoliate!

The colder winter conditions take a toll on your skin, creating additional dead skin cells. Removing these dead cells helps the new skin look its best and absorb as much moisture as possible, resulting in a lovely glow. In terms of how often to exfoliate, those with normal skin should exfoliate upwards of three times per week. Those with sensitive skin will find that exfoliating once or twice per week is optimal during the winter.

Stay Hydrated

As the temperatures drop, switching to warm drinks like hot chocolate, tea, coffee is common. However, coffee has a tendency to dry out the skin and other hot drinks will not hydrate your body the same way as water. Be sure to bring water with you wherever you go this winter. Drinking water throughout the morning, day, and early portion of the evening will help you avoid dehydration and dry skin.

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