Medilift™ Facial Lift and Tone

As we age, our face and body can’t help but absorb the stress and influences of the environment and our lifestyles. Many people fight the effects of aging with physical exercise, but your neck and face do not receive the full benefits of your work out. The revolutionary Diamond Lift and MediLift, with Diamond Dynamic WaveForm technology, delivers nonsurgical changes to the muscle tone of your face and neck. This breakthrough approach to noninvasive skin and body care uses advanced waveforms that work with the body’s biological currents to “workout” the targeted area. A complex series of preprogrammed exercises firm and tone the intended muscles. Waveforms stimulate the body’s own regenerating ability and each session continues to increase muscle strength. The results are rejuvenating benefits that restore your health, beauty, and vitality.

What are the Benefits?

– It amplifies the body’s rejuvenating abilities to help reverse signs of aging, strengthen the muscles, and bring youthful definition to your face and body
– Preprogrammed exercises firm and tone muscles
– The body’s lymphatic system is stimulated to support flushing out accumulated toxins and fluids
– Increases blood flow to nourish skin tissue and encourage healthy circulation
– Nerve endings are relaxed, helping to clear the mind and release stress

Who is a Candidate?

This system gently and effectively works to bring the face and body back to optimal health. MediLift helps make a difference for people who:

– Have loose skin under the neck or at the jawline
– Sagging facial skin
– Have become overweight
– Are unable to exercise or have a hard time committing to exercise

Treatment Details

A MediLift treatment typically lasts about 1 hour and results are typically noticed within the first four treatments. It is recommended that clients continue being treated twice a week over a period of a few months ( a total of twenty-four treatments), in order to obtain optimal results. Although results are not permanent or guaranteed, with continued maintenance once a month to every six weeks, clients can continue to enjoy a more toned and youthful appearance. The intensity of the treatments will be determined by your comfort level, however, better results may be obtained by steadily increasing the intensity of the current. There are certain contraindications that would preclude treatment, which your skin care professional at Beautiful Skin will review with you.