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Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics was founded in 1994.  This mineral make up line offers not just color enhancement, but also benefits for the skin.  The products are based on micronized minerals and are made without fillers and binders (such as talc and mineral oil) and without chemical dyes or preservatives.  It is important to know what you are putting on your skin.  We encourage you to come by Beautiful Skin and learn about each mineral make up product in depth or let us test the cosmetics on your skin!  The skin you’ve always wanted is just a brush away!

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Mineral Make Up Foundation
blur the lines

Find your perfect foundation and shade. Explore our line of natural, long-wearing cosmetics, which nourish and protect your skin and show off your most even, fresh complexion. Created in various formulations to suit your needs, and in shades to flatter a wide range of skin tones, it’s like therapy for your skin.

Discover the difference our foundations make in enhancing your skin’s own radiance. Made without talc, FD&C dyes, synthetic preservatives, parabens, or synthetic fragrance, our natural, long-wearing, mineral foundations encourage your skin to breathe and bring your essential beauty to light.

Mineral Make Up Concealer
condition while you conceal

Concealers just cover up problem areas. We put ours to work refracting light while nourishing and conditioning your skin too. Under-eye circles, blemishes, redness, hyper-pigmentation, and other distractions are diminished and you’ll be revealing your beauty instead of just concealing it.

Hydration Spray
The Look refreshed
The Feel dewy

Our Hydration Sprays have been reformulated and awarded ECOCERT’s Natural and Organic certification! You’ll love their fresh, clean fragrances and you’ll love what they do for the health of your skin.

Eye Mineral Makeup
divine color

From simple to smoky, you’ll enjoy crease-free, stay-put color for a lasting look. Whatever your mood or occasion requires, our wide range of easy-to-blend shades and finishes accent your features while nourishing those sensitive eye areas: just what you need to draw out your inner beauty.

Blushes Bronzers & Highlighters
luminous and lovely

Our blushes keep you glowing all day long. Soft and natural shades accentuate and enhance your features for a more radiant you. Looking for a way to look sun-kissed without the damage? The unique interplay of our minerals’ reflective properties gives you your “day in the sun” – the healthy way.

Lip Mineral Makeup
supple & sumptuous

Accentuate, quench, define and protect those precious lips of yours. Discover everything you need to treat them with the utmost care in our full range of gloss, colors, stains, plumpers, balms, definers and pencils.

Makeup Brushes
tools of the trade

Create your look with the confidence of a pro. Our brushes are designed for you, inspired by the demands of the modern makeup artist. The finest fibers and shapes mean beautiful results every time.