Simple Tips for Proper Skin Care in Florida
Keep your skin healthy and vibrant under the Florida Sun with these simple skin care tips:

Skin care in Florida can be challenging. If you are concerned about the look, feel, or health of your skin, these five easy tips will give you the appearance and protection you need.

1. Wash Your Brushes

Makeup and facial brushes that have the potential to bear bacteria. Make sure to give your brushes a good washing at least once per week or replace them when recommended. Dirty brushes can transfer bacteria to your skin, skin care products, and/or makeup.

2. Key in on Antioxidants

Antioxidants play a key role in skin care in Florida, as they protect and enhance the health of the skin. Antioxidants also protect the skin against damage from the sun, pollution, potentially harmful chemicals, and other environmental threats. A good antioxidant serum (Vit C or Vit E serums) will protect the skin from these threats and premature aging. Antioxidants protect the skin from free radical damage that happens deep within the skin. A good antioxidant can also reverse skin damage such as wrinkles and pigmentation.

3. Exfoliate!

Exfoliating is an essential part of skin care in Florida. Cell turnover is vital for healthy, young looking skin. An exfoliant removes the dead cells from the skin, leaving behind a glowing, fresh complexion. Exfoliating your skin also allows your skin care products to effectively penetrate the skin. Be sure to read the label and consult with your esthetician if you are unsure if the exfoliant you select is correct for your skin type or how often you should be exfoliating.

4. Protect Against the Sun

Protection against the sun is always important, but even more so when you live in the sunny state of Florida. Some sun exposure is necessary in order to generate vitamin D, however, this does not mean you should expose your skin to the sun for an extended period of time. Prolonged or intermittent exposure to the sun can damage your skin if your skin is not properly protected. This type of exposure can lead to damaged skin and even skin cancer. Sun exposure can also reduce collagen, causing the skin to thin and sag. To protect your skin, a good sunscreen is recommended. Pay attention to your sunscreen ingredients. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are two of the most effective sunscreen ingredients to protect your skin from the damaging sun rays (UVA rays).

5. Exercise Regularly

Go for a swim, ride your bike, or enjoy a jog around beautiful Clearwater and your body and skin will reap the rewards. Exercise activates the lungs and gets the blood flowing throughout the body. The flow of blood delivers oxygen as well as important nutrients to the skin and the rest of the body. Working up a sweat also flushes out impurities.

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