Beauty Tips for Back to School SkinCare in Florida

It’s that time of year again, time to go back to school! Preparing to go back to school can seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these easy skincare in Florida tips, you will be looking your absolute best once you return. Check out these few ways to help your skin look totally flawless this school year.

Don’t Forget Your Basic Skin Care

Skincare in Florida can be tough in the constant heat. One of the best ways to maintain perfect looking skin is to keep up with your daily cleansing routine. Wash your face gently, twice a day, and pat dry with a towel. You should also be exfoliating a minimum of two times a week in order to get rid of dead skin cells. When dead skin cells stay on the face, they can clog pores and cause acne. A great way to exfoliate is by using an exfoliation product at night to help exfoliate your dead skin cells. Skincare NEVER should include popping pimples! That is a big no-no, it causes scarring and spreads dirt and oil around the face.

Clean Those Beauty Brushes

Cleaning your cosmetic brushes are not commonly thought of as a part of your skincare routine. However, in order to practice proper skin care in Florida, it is a must. Cleaning away bacteria and dirt from your beauty applicators will help to keep your skin clear and free from any acne or infections. Simply use a gentle soap to thoroughly clean your brushes and allow them to dry before using them again.

Less is More When it Comes to Makeup

The most important skin care tip we have for you is to go easy on the makeup. You may want to apply all of your favorite products, but if you follow the easy skin care tips, your skin will look flawless without them. Applying too much of any kind of makeup, like foundation or mascara, can actually look worse than a blemish or ruin your look.

If you would like more great tips for your back to school journey about skin care in Florida, check out Beautiful Skin Inc. You can also give us a call for a free consultation at (727)791-6500, we carry many great products that will help you achieve your best skin yet this school year!