Body Waxing Q&A

Beach season is upon us and it is time to break out that new bikini. With that being said, what do you do about that stubborn hair? Do you really want to spend extra time in the shower shaving and in fear of razor burn or ingrown hairs? We are here to tell you that body waxing is the answer!  Here is our informative Q&A so you can shed your worries and enjoy the beach with the freedom of beautiful skin.

Q: When is it the right time to get body waxing done?

 A: It’s never the wrong time to forget the razor and come in for a professional wax! For our clients, we suggest at least two full weeks of hair growth (¼” – ⅛”). Be sure to book your next appointment 4-6 weeks out to keep up and maintain that smooth hair-free skin.

Q: I’m getting a wax today. Is there anything I should do before my appointment?

 A: Yes, we recommend that you get plenty of hydration before your appointment as that loosens up your hair follicles for removal. Make sure the areas you are targeting for the wax are clean. If you are someone with high sensitivity, you may want to take an ibuprofen to ease any pains during the waxing process. Be sure to communicate with your technician about any medications that may have a bearing on your treatment.

It’s best to stay clear of alcohol and other caffeinated drinks leading up to the wax. Stimulants tend to raise the skin’s sensitivity.

Q: What should I expect during the wax? 

A: At Beautiful Skin, we understand that you may have feelings of discomfort during this procedure. That is where communication is key. Our therapists are sensitive to more than just the physical responses of our clients. Please do not hesitate to voice your thoughts and feelings with your therapist. We want to provide a relaxing and comfortable experience for YOU!  Your therapist will ask questions to fully understand your needs. We will make sure you remain comfortable throughout the duration of your body waxing treatment.

Q: What happens when the body waxing treatment is finished?

A:   Your therapist will make sure you are fully satisfied with your treatment and will be happy to go back and take care of anything you feel needs a little more attention.  The waxed area may be pink and sensitive once the treatment is complete, but no worries, here at Beautiful Skin, we go the extra mile and apply a cool, soothing topical gel on the area that eases the sensitivity and minimizes the redness of body waxing. We advise that you do not work out or perform vigorous exercise in the twenty-four hours following your treatment. We also advise that you refrain from taking a hot shower or bath immediately following your treatment.

After successful hair removal, you should notice skin that is both smooth and fresh. Typically, your hair growth begins to thin and your skin becomes “trained” to a body waxing routine. That means you will experience less pain while removing less hair during future appointments.

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At Beautiful Skin, we are fully committed to each individual client’s skin care needs and concerns. If you have a question or concern that has not been addressed on this page, we encourage you to contact us. We are licensed practitioners that provide high-quality skin care treatments and products such as SkinCeuticals and mineral makeup by Jane Iredale along with excellent customer care. Please let us assist you in your health and beauty pursuits for more beautiful skin!